Services and Rates

Nikki's Pet Services wants to help you and your pet however we can! That is why we try to offer a variety of services at a reasonable price in the Milwaukee area. We service downtown, the East Side, Shorewood and Whitefish Bay. Our main services include dog walking, dog overnights in the owners home, dog drop in visits, cat drop in visits, and small animal care.

Dog Walking

Dog Walking

This service is offered for a variety of time intervals to meet the needs of a variety of dog and owner’s needs.
20 minute stop $19 (Add $4 for each additional dogs)
30 min stop $23
45 minute stop $32
60 minute stop $42

*Add $8/per walk for holidays
*Add $4 for weekend walks

Dog Sitting

Dog Sitting

Your dog will have their own vacation while you are away on yours!
(Single Dog Rate)
$25 for the day (less than 8 hours)
$30 for 8-12 hours
$45 for a full day and night

*Add $25 for each additional dog
*Add $10/per day for holidays

*Pick up and drop off- Add $10 each

**We are not accepting new boarding clients in our home at this time. Sorry!**

Pet Sitting / Drop In Visits

Drop in Visits to Client's Home

This is a great option if you are just going away for the day, weekend, or if we are booked for dog boarding but you still need your dog taken care of.
30 minutes $22
20 minutes $18

45 minutes-  $32

60 minutes-  $45
This includes feeding, a walk, etc.

*Add $4 per dog
*Add $8/per service for holidays
*Add $4 to weekends

*Key pick up/Drop off $10 each after first time.

Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting/Small Animal Care

This is similar to dog drop in visits but for cats and other small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. This services includes feeding, litter box cleaning and plenty of love for your pet.
$19 per visit (up to 20 minutes)

Up to a 20 minute stop depending on care needed (some small animals require less than others)
*Add time to make it a 30 minute stop, $23
*Price stays the same for up to 3 animals.
*More than 3- add $4
*Add $8/per day for holidays
*Add $4 for weekend care
*Price increases depending on location! (Bayview, Fox Point, Wauwatosa, etc. will be higher rates)

House Sitting in Home

House Sitting in Owners Home

This is a great option for dogs who do better in their own home environment. The sitter will stay over in your home and care for your pets.
$110 per day/night. Includes a mid day walk.
$60 for a day without an overnight (Sitter will be in and out throughout the full day.)

*Add $10 per dog
*Add $10/per day for holidays
*Add $5 to weekends

*Depending on where your pet sitter is coming from, there may be an additional $2-$5 travel fee added to your service.